President’s Review

This year we had some major outlays that bit into club finances but necessity dictated that monies be spent on putting in underground power as well as major repairs to machinery.

This is money invested in the maintenance of the course and borne out by the superb condition the course was in for our Annual Tournament

On a district basis we have participated in the pennant season but found it difficult in division 5 as we were competing mainly against single figure players. For those interested in playing pennant notify your interest to our Pennant Captain Tim Farquharson.

The Committee made a decision to send out Membership Renewals early to set us up for the new golfing season and many of you may have now received them. Current membership expires 28th February 2018.

The committee appreciates the support you lend to the club whether it be financial or in-kind. It is mainly due to membership, contributions and volunteer hours put in by members of the club that the club is able to continue enabling all to participate in playing golf on this course.

If you have a particular skill set and would like to become actively involved in the ongoing activities of the club please speak to a committee member or myself.

In closing  there are a number of thank-yous I would like to acknowledge.

Vonnie Henderson for making our presentation night both successful and a lot of fun.

Captain John Hoiles a difficult job and John never seems to fazed under pressure.

Henry Smith and his team the Social club contribute to the financial viability of the club.

Secretary Ian Henderson. Ian has held this position for more years than I have been a member. Not to mention the countless hours spent mowing and watering.

To the lady members. The club does not function without their support.

And to all  those members who have contributed to the presentation of the course. At times it has been a battle against the weather this year .

Des Read